Nothing is too beautiful to satisfy a client.


Whether antique or contemporary style each piece of furniture demands respect. They are more than simple utility objects, we live with them and they reflect our personality.
Philippe Caamano, cabinet maker, in a father to son transmission, mingles with this world of great rigor and love for a beautiful craftsmanship.
The knowledge of the different periods in history and the principles of manufacture in antique furniture are applied as well in contemporary creations.
The custom made high standing furniture that he designs for interior decoration and arrangements counts with the finest materials such as unique solid woods, precious veneers in which mixes stone, leather, amber from st Domingo, metals, silver, brass, mother of pearl…Nothing is too beautiful to enchant his customers.
When talking about technical finishing, Philippe Caamano is a specialist in this field for he masters the old French polish as well as all type of contemporary varnish products. He applies natural dyes and inks from nature, extracted from minerals or plants mixed with bee wax and also synthetic products when required.
He is always concerned about the final result and service to provide good quality furniture.