Furniture Creation . Repairs & Touch-up . Restauration of Antique furniture .


CAAMANO MARINE is specialized in yacht fine cabinetry.
Philippe Caamano with a team of cabinet makers has put his knowledge and experience to design and manufacture the finest quality furniture.
Philippe Caamano comes from a family of fine woodworkers; the skills and knowledge has been passed down from father to son. He counts with over forty years of experience in custom made furniture.
The workshop is equipped with performing machines to work on solid wood or the finest veneer. His attention to detail, finish and high standard comes rated as “second to none” by the increasing number of captains who have had interior work done on board of the yachts.
Philippe Caamano is passionate and an expert in his art, with knowledge from old and classic style furniture and great interest and love for new designs. He will make spark a furniture piece with the finest veneer, French polish, silver, stingray skin, lacquer and much more, to achieve the unique piece. He will also make custom pieces of furniture in yachts to perfectly match the existing ones whether in style, forms or finishing.
CAAMANO MARINE is as well a specialist in restoration of furniture according to the traditional principles; veneer marquetry, French polish, repairs and touch-up for scratches, dings and stains. He also does maintenance of the floors and wood panel walls; they are part of the wide range of services that proposes P.C.
CAAMANO MARINE also represents the following companies (bathroom accessories) : DORNBRACHT . THG . SERDANELI. BOSSINI . HOESCH . HANSGROHE . FRANKE and muche more.